Ladue Building & Engineering Corporation (Ladue), founded in 1946, is responding to the growing need of clients, engaged in capital projects, for a service which integrates elements of project planning, project and financial management, contract negotiations and project troubleshooting.

Flexible in its methods so that it can provide either a range of independent services or act as one integrated unit, Ladue is equipped to meet the varied demands of today's construction industry.

We recognize that the real needs of the market are for certainty and economy in capital expenditure. Clients can turn to Ladue and its network, secure in the knowledge that they will then have at their disposal an established range of skills, contacts, local knowledge, and experience relevant to each state of project development and construction.

Construction contacts involve long-term commitments in a fast changing environment. The risks inherent in building projects all too frequently cause the expectations of contracting parties to go unfulfilled. Managing change becomes more difficult when projects are poorly planned and improperly budgeted.

Ladue is a specialist in managing the financial, contractual, and management problems that arise under these conditions. It has developed a multi-disciplined network of professionally qualified managers, engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, legal and financial experts able to bring a unique depth and range of experience to the control and management of construction projects.

In addition to the various aspects of its work in problem solving, Ladue seeks to prevent claims and disputes through its contract review, auditing, and monitoring services. Contracting parties employ these services to oversee contract preparation and implementation, to manage problems in order to minimize the risk of completion delays and disputes. This serves to ensure that those problems which cannot be avoided are controlled.

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We do for our clients that which they don't have the time, expertise or inclination to do themselves. We cannot exist unless our clients succeed - we never lose sight of this fact.



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